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jason on 8 Jul 2014
Answered: jason on 9 Jul 2014
Hello. I am trying to deploy a compiled .m file using the Matlab Compiler. I can run the compiled program fine using
mcc -m compiletest.m
However, if I use mcc -e compiletest.m (in order to have no console window appear), the application will open and run, however it will not stay permanently open. My program creates a Java JFrame window. After a few seconds, the JFrame window will close. As I am trying to deploy a JAVA GUI, I would love to remove the console using the -e option. My Guess is that matlab is checking for a matlab figure window, and because there is only a JFrame, it can not find one. Then it exits. Any ideas??
As a simple example, this is compiletest.m
frame = javax.swing.JFrame();
which creates compiletest.exe

Accepted Answer

Sanket Mishra
Sanket Mishra on 9 Jul 2014
"pause" is known to cause problem in standalone applications. Modify your code as below so that JFrame will not disappear
frame = javax.swing.JFrame();
Compile above code using '-e' flag so that the console window does not appear.

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jason on 9 Jul 2014
Beautiful solution. Thank you for your assistance Sanket


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