How can I create a nominal var in R2010b?

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Raul on 15 Jul 2014
Commented: Yoav Livneh on 15 Jul 2014
Hello everyone,
I have just updated my Matlab version to R2010b from R2009 and now I have problems with some dataset variables defined as 'nominal' into my code. Furthermore, when I type:
help nominal
This is what I get:
nominal not found.
Use the Help browser search field to search the documentation, or type "help help" for help command options, such as help for methods.
Is it posible that this type of variable exists in R2009 and recent versions as R2014 but it doesnt exist in R2010b? Can be something related with toolboxes, or my Matlab installation?
Thanks in advance.
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Yoav Livneh
Yoav Livneh on 15 Jul 2014
Nominal is part of the statistics toolbox. Is it possible that you did not upgrade your license to that toolbox?

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