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set training to validation ratio

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Ahmed Abdulla
Ahmed Abdulla on 24 Aug 2021
Answered: Sahil Jain on 30 Aug 2021
I have been using fitrensemble (gradient boosting - LSBoost) to find a model that fits my dataset, however I was wondering if anyone knew how to specify what fraction of the data is for training the machine and what fraction is to validate the model.
KSSV on 24 Aug 2021
General procedure is 70% training, 15% validation and 15% testing.
Ahmed Abdulla
Ahmed Abdulla on 24 Aug 2021
Thank you for your response, are you aware if this setting can be changed?

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Answers (1)

Sahil Jain
Sahil Jain on 30 Aug 2021
By default, ‘fitrensembledoes not perform a training/validation split and uses all the provided data as training data. However, multiple cross-validation options are available as name-value pair arguments. These can be found under the Cross-Validation Options on the documentation page of ‘fitrensemble’.




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