File Solid Block, applying force error

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katherine keogh
katherine keogh on 25 Aug 2021
Answered: Vidip on 15 Feb 2024
I have a shape in a file Solid block and I am trying to apply a force to it. The Error is as follows:
['untitled']: The following errors were found in the model untitled.
Caused by:
  • ['untitled']: External Force and Torque 'untitled/External Force and Torque' has its follower port rigidly connected to the world frame; it has no effect. You can configure this diagnostic in the Simscape Multibody Configuration Parameters dialog.
I have tried add in another frame to the block to try to distinguish when I want to apply the force but I am not to sure what I am doing wrong

Answers (1)

Vidip on 15 Feb 2024
The error message you're encountering indicates that the external force and torque being applied in your Simscape Multibody model are not having any effect because the follower port of the 'External Force and Torque' block is rigidly connected to the world frame. In Simscape Multibody, the world frame is an inertial frame of reference, which means it does not move or react to forces and torques.
To apply a force or torque to a solid block in Simscape Multibody, you need to ensure that the force is applied to a frame that is part of the moving body (the solid block) and not rigidly connected to the world frame.
For further information, refer to the documentation links below:

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