Real-time feature extractor implementation

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Saad CHAHBA on 25 Aug 2021
Answered: Sahil Jain on 31 Aug 2021
Dear Matlab users,
I would like to process a signal in real time, the signal is provided by another block on simulink, the type of processing I want used by applying the following formula:
%% Input : Ia a vector of n*1
%% Output : Sa a vector of ne*1
l = length(Ia);
Unrecognized function or variable 'Ia'.
N = 1000; %% Number of samples
ne = (l-mod(l,N))/N; %% Number of iterations to balance Ia
n1 = 0;
for i = 1:ne
a = 0;
for j = n1+1:n1+N-mod(l,N)
a = Ia(j) +a;
n1 = n1+N;
Sa(i) = a;

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Sahil Jain
Sahil Jain on 31 Aug 2021
Hi Saad. You can use a MATLAB Function block in Simulink which performs the custom processing you want. The following articles may help you further with this.
  1. Implementing MATLAB Functions Using Blocks
  2. Creating Custom Functionality Using MATLAB Function Block

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