SimScape Pneumatics 3 way Connector Query

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PB75 on 25 Aug 2021
Commented: PB75 on 16 Sep 2021
Hi All,
I am building a Simscape model to create a digital twin of an experiment. It is a dual-acting pnuematic cylinder attached to a electrical load. The chambers are controlled by four 2-way normally closed VUVS valves (24v 1000L/min).
For initial model build and to aid debugging I am using four 2-Way Directional Valves (G), using a simple 0-1 signal to operate, which are normally closed, which then open the pnuematic circuit when the spool moves (inlet or exhaust).
The experiment has a simple 3 way G 1/4 connector that allows 2 VUVS valves to be pnuematically connected per chamber (inlet flow & exhaust flow, circled in yellow), as shown below in the a screenshot of the model.
When I simply connect ports A from both the inlet and exhaust Directional Valves (say chamber A) to feed a side of the dual-acting chamber the simulation will not run. To help debugging, if I just connect 1 Directional Valve per chamber and just operate the chamber in one direction, I have no issues and it runs, albeit just in one direction
How can I pnematiucally connect this layout as per experiment, to permit flow in both directions, from pressure supply (inlet) to atmosphere (exhaust) to each side of the dual-acting chamber?
Any help would be great
Thanks in advance
PB75 on 16 Sep 2021
Hi Leo,
Many thanks for your reply.
I originally had a single pipe block from the valve connection point to the actuator, to show heat loss in the feed pipes from valves to the dual-acting actuator, which would not solve. As you suggested I added a pipe block from each 2-way diectional valve before they join, and it runs. Have added a screen grab below (added pipe volume circled in red) to help others if they run into this issue.
Thanks again.

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