loading file from my directory?

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Dhafer on 1 Aug 2014
Commented: Image Analyst on 4 Aug 2014
Dear I would like to download imagej-nii and also ROI (from imageJ software) and calculate the mean and std of the voxels within adjacent 5 slices (3D volume) for 6 animals. I have created code but many errores I have,,,, cause I am so beginner to use matlab.
Sabjects={'animal1', 'animal2', 'animal3','animal4', 'animal5,'animal6'}; % for multi animal calculation.
for i =1: size(subjects,2); image = load - nii(['\MRI\..\'subjects(i)'\roi.nii']); for j = 0:1 region = voxel (mod = = i); deviation (j,i+1)= std (region,[],3); end end
%% this is for one animal image = load-nii ("name of the file"); roi = load-nii ("name of the file"); view-nii (roi); view-nii (image);
region1= voxels ((mod (roi ,2) == 1).* (roi > 0)); region2= voxels ((mod (roi ,2) == 0).* (roi > 0)); deviation = std (region ,[] ,3);
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 Aug 2014
Do not call variables "image" or "load" since those are the names of built in functions. Also == does NOT have a space between the equals. And what is load-nii? You can't have a function name with a minus sign in it. And, it's not clear what that function returns: an image or some kind of ROI coordinates. And what is "voxel"? Where is function view-nii? Again, you can' thvae a minus sign in the function name. Also, mod is a function so you can't do "mod = = 1". MATLAB is case sensitive so "Sabjects" and "subjects" are two different variables - I don't think that's what you intended. Finally, you can't have indexes of 0. They must start with 1.

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Mark Hayworth
Mark Hayworth on 1 Aug 2014

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