Resetting Integrator by output of state flow in Simulink

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i have a simulink model containing an integrator and a state flow diagram. The integrators output is an input to the state flow diagram and is multiplied with a value depending on the state of the state flow diagram.
The state flow diagram also outputs the current state, e.g. 1,2,3, etc. I would like to e.g. reset the integrator when the stateflow diagram reaches state 2. However, this configuration triggers an error in the simulation:
"'untitled/Chart' or the model referenced by it contains a block that updates persistent or state variables while computing outputs and is not supported in an algebraic loop. It is in an algebraic loop with the following blocks."
simulI am not sure why, since a simple reset of the integrators shouldn't call for such a behavior? In any way, does anybody has a suggestion on how to fix this issue?
Attached are screenshots of the model and the state flow diagram, as well as the model itself.

Accepted Answer

Jonas on 31 Aug 2021
Simulink cannot know which action to do first, since they depend on eachother. If you take output of the Stateflow s, reset the integrator, then the input of the Stateflow Int is different, which changes the state, which means it should NOT reset the integrator, which means the input of the Stateflow Int is different, which changes the state, which means ........ This is an algebraic loop.
Solution: add a Transport Delay block somewhere on the signal line marked in red.
Philipp Pasolli
Philipp Pasolli on 31 Aug 2021
Fair point, thanks for the clarification and suggestions.

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