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Scatter plot for two 3D images

Asked by Joaquim on 1 Aug 2014
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on 4 Aug 2014
How can i do a scatter plot applied to two 3D images? I mean, I want to compare the values of 2 3D-images putting them on a scatter plot? Anyone could help me?


on 1 Aug 2014
By '3D images' do you mean RGB images? If not what kind of images are they?
If by putting on scatter plot and compare you mean you want to plot both onto a single figure you can use "hold on" between your scatter3 calls which would plot the points onto the same axes.
>> scatter3(x1,y1,z1);
>> hold on
>> scatter3(x2,y2,z2);
You would not plot every voxel value with a scatter plot. So...
What do the three dimensions represent? RGB values? Distances along the x,y,z directions? Something else??? How many data points are to be plotted?

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