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Modeling of track traffic light which works based on the Position of trains in Stateflow

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I have 2 Trains which need to cross 2 Sections in the same track. To enter a section we need to know if it is already occupied by another train or not.
So I have as input the Position of both Trains PosTrain1 and PosTrain2 and the length of Sections (Section 1= (0:20) and Section 2 = (20:40))
I used the matlab function (ismember) to check if the train is in the Section or not.
BlockedSection=ismember(Train1,Section1) will return a logic value à if its 1 then the train exist in Section 1, and if not then it will return the value 0.
Does anyone have an idea how can I check both trains in both Sections in the same time?
Example for the detection of train 1 in Section1
function BusySection1 = FuncBusySection1(PosTrain1, Section1)
BusySection1 = ismember(PosTrain1,Section1);

Accepted Answer

Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha on 19 Oct 2021
You could write a function similar to 'FuncBusySection1' to know the position of both the trains at the same time. The function is as follows:
function [BusySection1, BusySection2] = FuncBusySection(PosTrain1, Section1, PosTrain2, Section2)
BusySection1 = ismember(PosTrain1,Section1);
BusySection2 = ismember(PosTrain2,Section2);
When this function is called the respective sections of both the trains is returned at the same time.
Hope this helps!

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