Compiling issue in doing integration of large function containing two variables

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My script consists of two varible(theta and phi) functions.
While doing integration w.r.t 'phi' it is not giving result, taking too much time to compile. I waited 2 hours still it was running. Dont know what was wrong in the script, since it is not giving any error also.
My script was given below
syms theta phi
m = 150;
Aos = 40;
nAi = 0;
for i=1:2:m
nAi = nAi+cos(i*phi);
nA = vpa((Aos+nAi), 4)
wA = vpa((nA-(1/(2*pi))*int(nA, phi, 0, 2*pi)), 4)
Aog = 52;
k = 40;
Ginvi = 0;
for i=2:2:k
Ginvi = Ginvi+cos(i*(phi-theta));
Ginv = vpa((Ginvi+Aog), 4)
l = int((nA*wA*Ginv), phi, 0, 2*pi)
Iam unable to get 'l'(last one) result.
Nothing wrong in the code but still its not giving either result or error. Its just running running hours and hours.
Any suggestions for solving this.
Thanks in advance.

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