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How to correctly plot the error of a numerical algorithm ?

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I would like to display the error made after the insertion of each approximation point in my numerical algorithm. Here is the plot that I get:
I don't want to display the error like that, since it is not clear how the value of it changes after the insertion of each point. I'd like to plot the error this way (picture taken from a paper):
In other words, I want the Y Axis to contain values from 10^(-1) to 10^(-6)
Here is the code that I use:
rms_res = norm(residual)/sqrt(lres);
errors = [errors rms_res];
% some code for other computation
% plot
plot(coord_ctrs, (errors), '.');
line(coord_ctrs, (errors));
How can I do that ?
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 10 Sep 2021
You can use the semilogy function instead of the plot function..

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