How to set source index of trackergnn?

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I am using several trackerGNN to form tracks on simulated measurements. Each trackerGNN initialization corresponds to a new sensor. That is,
for jj=1:nSensors
sensors(jj).tracker = trackerGNN('FilterInitializationFcn',@initcvkf,'ConfirmationThreshold',[4 5],'DeletionThreshold',10);
I would like to then fuse these tracks across the sensors.
nSensors = nCombine;
internalSource1 = fuserSourceConfiguration(1,'IsInternalSource',true);
internalSource2 = fuserSourceConfiguration(2,'IsInternalSource',false);
fuser = trackFuser('MaxNumSources',2,'SourceConfigurations',{internalSource1;internalSource2},'StateFusion','Cross');
fusedTracks = fuser(localTracks,ii);
To do this, I need to have a defined SourceIndex for each track point, I think. How do I set this SourceIndex? I would like to do it initially such as when I call trackerGNN but I cant seem to get that to work.

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Prashant Arora
Prashant Arora on 16 Sep 2021
Hi Ryan,
trackerGNN has "TrackerIndex" property that controls the SourceIndex of the output tracks.
See the property documentation below for more information.

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