Linux install fails due to /tmp space shortage

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Hi, I am on a RedHat Linux machine. I downloaded the After unzipping, the folder looks like the following:
[me@my-machine matlab_R2020b_glnxa64]$ tree -L 1 matlab_R2020b_glnxa64
├── archives
├── bin
├── cefclient
├── help
├── install
├── installer_input.txt
├── java
├── license_agreement.txt
├── mathworks_installation_help_es.pdf
├── mathworks_installation_help_ja_JP.pdf
├── mathworks_installation_help_ko_KR.pdf
├── mathworks_installation_help.pdf
├── mathworks_installation_help_zh_CN.pdf
├── patents.txt
├── readme.txt
├── resources
├── sys
├── trademarks.txt
├── ui
└── VersionInfo.xml
Then, I do ./install. A window opens up prompting me to login to MathWorks and select a license. I do them all. The license authentication also passes. Then, I get the following error:
While there is no way I can increase my /tmp space, I can define a bigger directory as the /tmp one. Regardless, does anyone know how to get around this?

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Tashrif Tashrif
Tashrif Tashrif on 20 Sep 2021
Walter, thank you. I confirm that the specification of -downloadFolder and -tmpdir worked (noted in your link):
./install -downloadFolder /my/folder/ -tmpdir /my/folder/
I must note that I had to manually create the /my/folder/ before running ./install. Also, I had to create the destination folder where final installation files go.
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Tashrif Tashrif
Tashrif Tashrif on 20 Sep 2021
If any MATLAB engineer is reading this, you may want to note downloadFolder and tmpdir options in installer_input.txt.

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