Why to I get "Unrecognized function or variable '1' ?

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Tom Cipollone
Tom Cipollone on 17 Sep 2021
Commented: Tom Cipollone on 20 Sep 2021
FT= 1./sqrt(1+w.^2);
The above causes the error.
I admit that it has been a number of years since I used matlab and the version that I have is very old (R2008 on Win7) but this seems like it should be fairly simple to decode.
I had been looking at materials that described matlab dot indexing and I am not sure that I am looking in the right place.
So, how is it that matlab is not recognizing "1" or is considering it a function or variable. I intend it to just be a number.
Thank You
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Sep 2021
Copy and paste the full exact error - ALL the red text, not just part of it. And actually copy it, don't just retype it here. It's probably a lower case L or upper case i.

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Answers (1)

VBBV on 17 Sep 2021
Could you check if it's 1 or lower case alphabet l used as variable in your script. Both appear same in Matlab scripts and hard to distinguish.


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