how to retrieve a table from a cell array?

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In the following hierarchy structure of the cell array 'results', assuming that this is a huge set of data tables where we don't know where the table we want for a specific date is located. How can I retrive a certain table from the cell array 'results' that is shown below, using the values in the first column (data file name) of 'results' and the value of the 'Date' variable in the desired table? any idea...
for example:
the cell array results would look like this:
and when expanding a cell from the second column it would look like the image below, where these are the tables that I would like to retrive based on the 'Date' variable (8th column) inside them
and the tables are having the following formats
MA on 20 Sep 2021
thanks for your commnet, I agree with you, but this is for the purpose of sorting some data out and it will later on be applied to a huge number of data files. there might be a better way of implementing such thing for sure, but I am a begginer here and I am trying to learn.

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Accepted Answer

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 20 Sep 2021
The answer is actually written on your tabs.
To view the whole table in the last screenshot, type the following:
MA on 20 Sep 2021
Both of them worked peerfectly as needed. Thank you for your time and your effort.

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Sargondjani on 20 Sep 2021
NEver used table but i think this will work:
X = results{1,2}{1,1};
MyDates = X.Date;
Might even work directly:
MyDates = results{1,2}{1,1}.Date
Sargondjani on 20 Sep 2021
In that case look at the function: find
Im sure there are many posts about "find a specific value in a matrix"

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