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Computing ERP using RMS

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Freya Guo
Freya Guo on 20 Sep 2021
Answered: arushi on 7 May 2024
Hi! I have epoched EEG datasets in the form of .set/.fdt. I used EEGLAB to open the data and it showed a 1*1 struct like this. I'd like to compute RMS across some selected channels and across all participants, any idea how to do this using eeglab or fieldtrip or just on matlab?
ps. I am aware of the RMS function on matlab but I'm not sure which value to take.

Answers (1)

arushi on 7 May 2024
Hi Freya,
I understand that you want to compute the Root Mean Square (RMS) of EEG data across selected channels and participants involves several steps, including loading the data, selecting the desired channels, computing the RMS for each epoch, and then possibly averaging across epochs or participants depending on your specific needs.
You can refer to the following official tutorials on working with EEGLAB and FieldTrip -
Hope this helps.


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