How to extract between a keyword the end statement in a code?

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I create a program that reads and extract certain parts of a different side of code. The issue is the comment also contains my 'end' searchword and stops before I want it to.
filetoread = fileread(sample_code.m)
keyword = 'mybeginningsearchword'
pulledText = string(extractBetween(filetoread, keyword, 'end', 'boundaries', 'inclusive')
when I run it for most part of the code, it works, but some files have the word 'end' in the comment. resulting in
temp 79 %temp in F
rain 12 % chance of rain in percent
day M% current day
time 12:30 %this is where the search come to an end
this part is missing
weather cloudy %current weather
end %where I want it the search to end
I've tried to used a pattern using pat= newline +'end' , append(newline, 'end')
I tried to used ' end'. and it work for this file but it does not work on the previous files it work for.
I could turn it to string and search for the second or nth time end occurences but it won't for for other files that don't have a second end.
Is there anyway to search till the end of the block. I think '(?(cond)expr1|expr2)' in regexp would be the path I need to take but I don't have the skills or knowledge combined it.

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Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed on 14 Oct 2021
Edited: Salman Ahmed on 14 Oct 2021
Hi Jeremiah,
I understand that you are trying to extract between a keyword and end statement and the presence of end in comments is stopping the extraction prematurely. A possible workaround could be to strip the file off the comments before extracting. I am attaching a link to MATLAB file exchange here which would help you eliminate the comments : MATLAB comment remover. Hope it resolves your issue.




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