Getting LIVE stock price from Yahoo Finance page every minute

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I want to write a code that would collect real-time stock price for Apple from the Yahoo Finance website along with date and time every 1 minute for 60 minutes. And I want to write the values to a tab-delimited text files. Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance :)

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy on 27 Sep 2021
Hi Sabrina,
Currently we are not supporting the feature for access to Yahoo Finance. I have brought this issue to the notice of the concerned people and it might be considered for a future release.
As a workaround, you might consider the Barchart OnDemand support.
You might also consider the following File Exchange Submission:
"Yahoo Finance and Quandl Data Downloader" is one of the several submissions in MATLAB File Exchange on MATLAB Central which is a forum for our product users to interact, exchange information and knowledge, without MathWorks' involvement. Feel free to contact the author of this submission directly for specific questions about the implementation.
Hope this helps!

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