Installer hang when installing Matlab R2021b as root on Ubuntu 20.04

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My operating system is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I must install Matalb as root, and always have done. This is historic as all specialist programs are installed in /opt.
I have now downloaded MATLAB R2021b and the Installer hang when installing Matlab R2021b as root on Ubuntu 20.04, the command sudo ./install just hangs with a blinking cursor, no Matlab install GUI is displayed.
As first attempted solution I have created a MATLAB/R2021b folder in /opt, that did not help.
I have also tried to install R2021b normally with defaults but although now I progress nicely to the Matlab GUI, but the default location /usr/local/MATLAB/R2021b cannot created/located and then I have to aboard.
I have always had to install MATLAB as root.
Any advice on getting the MATLAB install GUI to display on Ubuntu R2021b will be appreciated.
Thank you

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Accepted Answer

El'ad Gips
El'ad Gips on 30 Sep 2021
this tip:
(run the command : xhost +SI:localuser:root)
and after
sudo ./install
worked for me (matlab 21b and ubuntu 20.04)

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Atefeh Fazel Najafabadi
Atefeh Fazel Najafabadi on 7 Dec 2021
worked for me on Ubuntu 18.04

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