How to do a scatter plot?

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Andrea Miceli
Andrea Miceli on 24 Sep 2021
Answered: Kumar Pallav on 29 Sep 2021
Hello evreyone, is someone able to get a graph as in the picture that I attached? Using the dataset down. The scatter plot I got wasn't clear and I am not able to set the name of the point in the graph
ABN Amro 0.0304610987866259
Banque Postale 0.0125500802914051
Barclays 0.0751066947093279
Bayern LB 0
BBVA 0.0272140113130582
BNP Paribas 0.0570048997365625
BPCE 0.0315985393572815
Caixabank 0.00937909528302126
Commerzbank 0.0433994300187407
Credit Agricole 0.0648025139435753
Credit Mutuel 0.0250060877609688
Danske Bank 0.0241676093788770
Deutsche Bank 0.0783261905654609
DZ Bank 0.0798765484414847
Erste Group 0
Handelsbanken 0
HSBC 0.0933062429249327
ING 0.0578695583873232
Intesa Sanpaolo 0.0632893079254154
Lloyds 0.0264976990943249
Nationwide 0.00185915849074004
Nordea 0
Nykredit 0
Rabobank 0.0110645406871962
Sabadell 0
Santander 0.0381992230340928
Societe Generale 0.0700013574821183
Standard Chartered 0
Swedbank 0
Unicredit 0.0790201123874667
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Mitsu on 24 Sep 2021
Edited: Mitsu on 24 Sep 2021
A plot like that can be represented by the plot(x,y,'rd') function. rd specifies color red and diamond shape. To add a name to a point on the plot, you may use the text(x,y,word) function.
However, you need two variables. For the list of banks, there seems to be only 1 parameter. If you wish to plot it like in the figure, you need a second parameter so that for each value on the horizontal axis, there is a corresponding value on the vertical axis.

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Answers (1)

Kumar Pallav
Kumar Pallav on 29 Sep 2021
You would have to first clean the data so that there are two columns (ie a name value pair data).
T = readtable('clean_data.csv'); %load csv in tabel format
scatter(T{:,2},T{:,2}) %scatter plot with same x, y values = second column
text(T{:,2},T{:,2},T{:,1}) %text description being the first column
Refer this for adding text descriptions to data points.
For scatter plot, refer this documentation.

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