Who do I read different images from my disk?

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My program have to read an image has a reference, then take 7 frehand ROIs of it, and then with the same coordinates crop the same 7 ROIs to the other 20 images from the same folder. The images are dicom, so insted of imread for reading them I have to use dicomread as a function (this is the ony difference)
I = dicomread('REFERENCEIMMAGE')
% define these somehow
numberofimages = numel(21); % I have 21 image
numberofroi = 7; %in each images I have to perform 7 ROIs with the same coordinates
% show the reference image
% use imcrop to get rectangle coordinates
R = zeros(numberofroi,4);
for nr = 1:numberofroi
[~,R(nr,:)] = imcrop(gca);
% crop corresponding ROIs from each non-reference image
roibasket = cell(numberofroi,numberofimages);
for ni = 1:numberofimages
for nr = 1:numberofroi
thisimage = strcat('C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\pp4 tgc-med rd20\ni.dcm'); % I don't know how to read from my disk
roibasket{nr,ni} = imcrop(thisimage,R(nr,:));
% after I have to perform the mean of the ROIs
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Sep 2021
I suspect that the .dcm is part of the file name.
You do not use info so there is no point assigning to it.
srcFile = dir('C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\pp4 tgc-med rd20\*.dcm');
You do not use that, so no point in assigning to it.
I suspect that there is a ".dcm" as part of the name, but that you have not configured to show extensions. I could be wrong about that.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Sep 2021
projectdir = 'C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\pp4 tgc-med rd20';
thisimage_name = fullfile(projectdir, ni + ".dcm");
thisimage = dicomread(thisimage_name);

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