For loop for correlation - linear indexing

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Simon Wittner
Simon Wittner on 27 Sep 2021
Answered: the cyclist on 27 Sep 2021
I have a large dataset (4078x1034) where I need to find the corrcoef, keeping one column (1) constant and testing it with the other columns, starting at column 11.
Matlab tells me this error:
Error using corrcoef (line 114)
Subscripting a table using linear indexing (one subscript) or multidimensional indexing (three or more subscripts) is not supported. Use a row subscript and a variable subscript.
How can i fix this?
A = readtable('train_v1.csv');
e = A{:,1}; %constant column
S = size(A);
K = zeros(1,(S(1,2)-11)); %preparing the output matrix
for i = 11:S(1,2)
tmp = corrcoef(e,A(:,i));
K(i-10) = tmp;

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 27 Sep 2021
I think you need to use
instead of
in the call to corrcoef.

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