How can we write data from mat file to Simulink data dictionary.

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Akshay Chandel
Akshay Chandel on 28 Sep 2021
Commented: Akshay Chandel on 28 Sep 2021
I am learning MBD. In that I have to initialise many ports and constants with specific name in sldd file. Problem here is that my data is in the xlsx file which I am importing it to workspace and then storing it as .mat file as sldd has only option to read .mat or .m files.
When I do that it throws me message that reads: 0 items were successfully imported.
I have two things to ask:
1) Why no items are successfully imported and
2) what is correct procedure to import data from .mat or .m file to sldd file
Attach here is the xlsx file which has all the names of the port
Akshay Chandel
Akshay Chandel on 28 Sep 2021
Yes they are signal definitions for in and out ports. I mentioned that I am learning MBD and I got the assignement in which we have been provided this file (xlsx) and asked to add the this signal names in sldd file.

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