how can I do this fast addition and multiplication?

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Hi all,
I am transforming some data using an equation that involves a multiplication and addition. (Please see line 20 in the full code below this post., i.e. the following line:
newdata1 = (((R)*X1_full(:,i))+ T)';
In this example, I only have 4 data points (i.e. in the 'X1_full' variable). So speed is not a problem using the FOR loop. However, my actual dataset is very large (2 million data points). Any suggestion to improve the speed will be helpful.
cheers. K.
clc;clear all;close all
% input data to transform
X1_full = [1 2 3 5;
45 8 7 95;
12 78 98 3]
% R and T are transform params
T = [292.213040777858;78.1087497964877;865.7398878749]
% Loop through all data and transform
for i = 1:size(X1_full,2)
% Formula to transform the input data
newdata1 = (((R)*X1_full(:,i))+ T)';
Savenewdata1(i,:) = newdata1

Accepted Answer

Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein on 6 Aug 2014
can replace your loop and should be faster than your solution.

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