How can I repeat the same algorithm from different folders?

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Hi, I have this algorithm which works perfectly. However, it only reads one folder at a time and graphs me only one curve at a time (1 FOLDER= 1 PLOT AS RESULT OF THE ANALYSIS). I would like to be able to read 4 other folders, do the same operations and then graph all five curves in the same graph.
This is the algorithm that only reads one folder at a time:
%this is for the destination of the folder
srcFile = dir('C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\POST PROCESSING 4\PP4 TGC-MED RD 20\*.dcm');
pathname = ('C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\POST PROCESSING 4\PP4 TGC-MED RD 20\');
%All the operations below must be repeated for each folder. Stored in different variables if you like.
% The important thing is that the same curves that I find individually (by changing the destination of the folder)
% I can graph them together at the end
numberofimages = 21; %I define the number of the image for each folder
numberofroi = 6; %each image has to be crop 6 times
%Work on the reference images
I=dicomread('21'); %dicom read works just as imread (but for diagnostic images)
R = nan(numberofroi,4);
for nr = 1:numberofroi
h = drawrectangle(gca); wait(h);
roibasket = cell(numberofroi,numberofimages);
meanbasket = nan(size(roibasket));
for ni = 1:numberofimages
for nr = 1:numberofroi
roibasket{nr,ni} = imcrop(pileofimages,R(nr,:));
meanbasket(nr,ni) = mean( pileofimages(masks{nr}) ); %meanbasket is a matrix that I need for each folder
%I need this operation for each folder
rvalue = [-9; -6; -3; 3; 6; 9];
errbasket = mean(meanbasket - rvalue);
hold on
%In the command below I have plotted the curve of only the first result
%I need to plot all the curves in the same plot
figure; plot(errbasket);
The five folder to analyze are:
C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\POST PROCESSING 4\PP4 TGC-MED RD 20\
C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\POST PROCESSING 4\PP4 TGC-MED RD 40\
C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\POST PROCESSING 4\PP4 TGC-MED RD 60\
C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\POST PROCESSING 4\PP4 TGC-MED RD 80\
C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\POST PROCESSING 4\PP4 TGC-MED RD 100\
HelpAStudent on 1 Oct 2021
Yeah each folder has 21 items. I want to save from each folder the mean (meanbasket) and the error (errbasket) and plot all the errbasket together
HelpAStudent on 1 Oct 2021
Aniway your program does not read now the reference image, I think because It does not recognise the destination. Even if I put inside dicomread something like that
I=dicomread('C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\POST PROCESSING 4\PP4 TGC-MED RD\21.dcm');

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Oct 2021
To get a list of all dcm files in all subfolders below some top level folder, use the "star star" wildcard in the dir() function.
topLevelFolder = 'C:\Users\agnes\Pictures\POST PROCESSING 4\PP4 TGC-MED RD 20\';
filePattern = fullfile(topLevelFolder, '**\*.dcm')
fileList = dir(filePattern)
% Loop over them.
numFiles = length(fileList);
for k = 1 : numFiles
thisFileName = fullfile(fileList(k).folder, fileList(k).name);
fprintf('File #%d of %d :\n "%s"\n', k, numFiles, thisFileName);
% Optional : Get size info if desired:
d = dir(thisFileName);
fprintf(' It is %d bytes.\n', d.bytes);
% Now call imread() or whatever you want to do.
HelpAStudent on 1 Oct 2021
The code just open:
fileList =
0×1 empty struct array with fields:
It does not work
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Oct 2021
Then you do not have any DCM files under that folder. Try the root folder:
topLevelFolder = 'C:\'
It might take a while to scan your whole hard disk though.

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