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exporting listbox to excel while adding spaces in between variable names

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Melissa on 19 Aug 2014
Commented: Melissa on 19 Aug 2014
Good Morning All,
I have created a GUI which uses a listbox of some parameter names. I am looking to export the parameters chosen as column heads of an excel spreadsheet, however I want to know how to add a blank column in between each selected parameter.
I know how to obtain the Names and Index of the listbox by:
Variable_Name = get(handles.Parameter_Listbox,'String');
Index = get(handles.Parameter_Listbox,'Value');
Now to create a space between the names I thought I could use a loop to build a matrix and tried the following:
for i=1:length(Index)
OutputTitles(i)=[Variable_Name(Index), ' '];
Then I could just use xlswrite(Output_File,OutputTitles,Sheet1,Range1);
I was also wondering if anyone could tell me how to skip more than one column header too. Say I wanted to put the Parameter Name every 5th column instead.
Thanks so much,

Accepted Answer

Aniruddha Katre
Aniruddha Katre on 19 Aug 2014
Your idea of using a loop to insert spaces should work. Note that "Variable_Name" will contain a cell array. So to insert a blank column between the variable names, you can execute a loop that looks like this:
spacing = {''};
OutputTitles = [];
for ii = 1:length(Index)
if isempty(OutputTitles)
OutputTitles = [OutputTitles Variable_Name(Index(ii))];
OutputTitles = [OutputTitles spacing Variable_Name(Index(ii))];
Then you can just call "xlswrite". If you want to put more empty columns between variable names, you can just add the number of empty cells in "spacing" as follows:
spacing = [{''},{''},{''}];
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Melissa on 19 Aug 2014
Thank you so much for your detailed explanation it really helped me and your code was spot on!

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Iain on 19 Aug 2014
Its playing with cell arrays:
Variable_Name = {'One','Two','Many'};
chosen_variable_names = Variable_Name(index);
Output_Table{1,1} = chosen_variable_names{1}; % column 1
Output_Table{1,3} = chosen_variable_names{2}; % column 3
Output_Table{1,45} = chosen_variable_names{3}; % column 45

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