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setting bounds for transformation parameters in registration

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Dan on 20 Aug 2014
Commented: Robert Paynter on 7 Jun 2017
Hi all, I want to see if anyone knows if there is a way to set a boundary for the transformation parameters in imregister() or other registration function in matlab.
i.e. I want shear to be between [-.001, .001], rotation to be with in +-.01 degree, scaling to be +-15%, and translation with in +-150 pixels.
I thought of just breaking down the registration into a feature based registration for the scaling and rough estimate of the translation , a translation only registration, and finally a affine registration to iron out the remaining parameters which should be very small. Is there a more direct method?
thanks in advance, Dan
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Robert Paynter
Robert Paynter on 7 Jun 2017
I would like to see a response to this. I have been trying out these functions and sometimes it makes things worse! Here's an image pair where I used imregcorr first. Then using imregtform to hopefully refine it, its estimates are worse - sometimes wildly wrong - big rotations etc. Here's my current images - clearly there's only a few pixels of shift, perhaps a little rotation, but no shear or dilation:

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