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connecting mysql database to matlab

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saisha on 17 Feb 2011
Commented: Pieume Ulrich on 1 May 2019
we are doing a project in matlab on image retrieval. we need to create a database and link it to matlab. plz tel us how to connect the database to matlab?????


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John on 17 Feb 2011
Perhaps you need something like this:


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Nathan Orloff
Nathan Orloff on 10 Nov 2011
1. Open the file here ($matlabroot/toolbox/local/classpath.txt). Write this in the text file and save it. $matlabroot/java/jarext/mysql-connector-java-5.1.6-bin.jar
2. Download this, mysql-connector-java-5.1.6-bin.jar
3. Place (2) in here, C:\MATLAB\R2010b\java\jarext
Now you should be able to use the database toolbox to connect. To connect to a database use this code:
% Database Server = ''; % Database Username/Password db_info.user = 'Matlab'; db_info.password = 'IsAwesome'; % Database Name db_info.dbname = 'Kittens';
%% Set up the Java string and drivers % Set this to the path to your MySQL Connector/J JAR jdbcString = sprintf('jdbc:mysql://%s/%s',, db_info.dbname); jdbcDriver = 'com.mysql.jdbc.Driver';
%% Make the Connection to the database % Create the database connection object db_conn = database(db_info.dbname, db_info.user,... db_info.password, jdbcDriver, jdbcString);

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Pieume Ulrich
Pieume Ulrich on 1 May 2019
I tried the method using R2017b version but it didnt work, I still had JDBC is not found on MATLAB java class. Please what do I need for it to be functional

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