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How to draw 3-D plots in MATLAB

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SREE on 4 Sep 2014
Answered: Fahad Mirza on 6 Sep 2014
A system has transfer function H(s) a. How to Use MATLAB to make a 3-D plot of the magnitude of H(s) b. to make a 3-D plot of the phase of H(s) c. to draw magnitude and phase Bode plots

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Pourya Alinezhad
Pourya Alinezhad on 4 Sep 2014
actually transfer function H(s) has a response which could be plotted on a 2D diagram.the vertical axis corresponds to the magnitude or phase and the the horizontal axis shows the freq. what data do u want to place on the third axis?

Fahad Mirza
Fahad Mirza on 6 Sep 2014
Replace S with x+jy and simplify your transfer function. Make a meshgrid of x and y. Now use 'mesh' or 'surf' in matlab for 3D plot.

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