load() into workspace?

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Knut on 8 Sep 2011
If I place load() into a m-file script, it will load into the workspace, available for the caller.
If I place it into a m-file function, I will have to pass the variable names or nest out the struct.
Is there any way to pass load() into a function and pass whatever is in it directly into the workspace, without doing a lott of messy code?

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Harry MacDowel
Harry MacDowel on 8 Sep 2011
Why don't you use textread or textscan or fscanf?
doc textread
doc textscan
doc fscanf
You can control the type of variables and furthermore you can even read the data with different delimiters.
Knut on 8 Sep 2011
Bah... How do I un-accept an answer?

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 8 Sep 2011
evalin('base', 'load(...')
Jan on 9 Sep 2011
It is very hard to debug problems, if you create variables in other workspaces by EVALIN. Imagine you have several such functions, which run in different orders. Then it is nearly impossible to find out, who is responsible for the final value. Therefore I recommend: Data = load() and export the Data struct as output. This is not clumsy and reduces the effort for debugging tremendously.

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