How to combine different license types (and is it a good idea)?

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K E on 19 Sep 2014
Commented: Adam on 19 Sep 2014
I am (reluctantly) the administrator of licenses for a small group. Presently licenses are either Designated Computer or Named User . There is a subset of toolboxes that everyone uses which I'll call 'Plain Vanilla' (Matlab, Simulink, signal processing toolbox) which we'd like to make available for the existing group plus occasional users. There are additional specialty licenses that a few power users need which I'll call 'Chocolate Frosting' (coders, optimization toolbox, etc); for cost, I believe these need to stay as Designated Computers or as Named User licenses. That means that power users would need to access both the Plain Vanilla and Chocolate Frosting set of licenses simultaneously during a Matlab session.
  • Is it possible to combine Designated or Named User licenses with network licenses?
  • Would this be easy to set up and administer?
  • Is there a better way to get what I want?
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Adam on 19 Sep 2014
I'm far from an expert on licensing so just an observation. I have on a few occasions had two different licenses activated on my machine.
This does, however, mean that no-one else can use either of those so if there is overlap of the products between the licenses (in my case everything overlaps except the Matlab Compiler for which we have only one license) then there is some license wastage there.

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