Paste figure from vector graphics clipboard

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I have a software (.exe) done using MATLAB but I don't have access to the source code.
This software contains a figure plot that allows to be saved in jpg/png/etc. or copied to the clipboard (as an image), or also "copy as vector graphics".
My goal would be to paste this in a MATLAB Figure in order to adjust a few parameters such as font size, colorbar, etc.
I've tried the following commands but it doesn't work:
clipboard function gives me an empty variable as output.
Can anyone tell me how I could paste this "vector graphics" in MATLAB in order to reproduce the figure?

Accepted Answer

Navya Singam
Navya Singam on 26 Oct 2021
Hi Benjamin,
"clipboard('paste')" and "clipboard('specialpaste')" are used to paste the text data on to MATLAB.
Pasting Vector Graphic data into MATLAB Figure window is not supported as of MATLAB R2021b.
This feature might be supported in a future release.
IMCLIPBOARD function from File Exchange is used for the image data. Please feel free to contact the author for more information.

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