Names of connected outputs to inports of selected subsystem

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I want to get the proper name of the connected port but the get_param gives me the incorrect names:
block_of_interest_params = get_param(block_of_interest,'PortConnectivity');
connected_inports_handle = find_system(block_of_interest_params(i).SrcBlock,'SearchDepth',1,'LookUnderMasks','all','BlockType','Outport','Port',block_of_interest_params(i).Type)
connected_block_nameport{i} = get_param(connected_inports_handle,'Name') %connected block portname
I need to have port names of the outport that are connected to In5 and In6.
and my incorrect result:
correct is when tags out2 are out1.
Thank you in advance for help!
Ewela on 12 Oct 2021
The line:
get the error:
Error using get
Conversion to double from cell is not possible

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Accepted Answer

Chetan Bhavsar
Chetan Bhavsar on 12 Oct 2021
Edited: Chetan Bhavsar on 12 Oct 2021
@Ewelina Cholodowicz I hope this will solve your issue :)
Please let me know if you stuck at any point, or any point is not clear.
block_of_interest = 'sampleModel/Subsystem1';
block_of_interest_PH = get_param(block_of_interest,'PortHandles');% get all ports
for i= 1: length(block_of_interest_PH.Inport)% loop through all inports
lineHnd = get(block_of_interest_PH.Inport(i),'line');%get line handle to trace back
if lineHnd~= -1 % if line handle is present
SubName = get(lineHnd,'SourcePort');% get source port number of sub
SubHnd = get(lineHnd,'SrcBlockHandle');% get source block i.e Subsystem
OPName = get(find_system(SubHnd,'BlockType','Outport'),'Name');% get all outport name of subsystem
GotoBlockName = OPName{str2num(extractAfter(SubName,':'))}% get specific outport name
%add goto block logic below GotoBlockName have correct name
GotoBlockName = 'Out1'
GotoBlockName = 'Out3'
The above code shows how to get outport name please add from and gotot logic below that
Ewela on 20 Oct 2021
Edited: Ewela on 20 Oct 2021
yes, line is connected to two subsystems.

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