PLease Help Code to graph specific ftc.

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Sophia Golubyatnikov
Sophia Golubyatnikov on 14 Oct 2021
I attempted a different option; I first tired this one and could not get sin(5x)cos(5y) to properly divide by 5. This is also my first time on the plat form so I am not super familiar with it!

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Answers (1)

Ashutosh Singh Baghel
Ashutosh Singh Baghel on 19 Oct 2021
Hi Sophia,
I believe you wish to plot the above function in 'x' and 'y'. Please refer to the example below.
func = @(x,y) x.^2+y.^2;
fsurf(func,[-2 2 -2 2]);
Refer to the following MATLAB documentation page on 'fsurf'.


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