Why does imshow change position of a figure?

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LucasH on 14 Oct 2021
Answered: Navya Singam on 27 Oct 2021
I have a loop where an image is shown using imshow. I want that figure to be maximized. I have the following code:
set(2, 'WindowState', 'maximized');
figure(2), imshow([Uit1, JJJ, Uit2])
Every time the imshow-function changes the size of the figure, while the figure should remain maximized.
How can I make sure the figure stays in the right place/remains maximized?
Thanks in advance.

Answers (1)

Navya Singam
Navya Singam on 27 Oct 2021
Hi LucasH,
The "imshow" will modify the figure size based on the image size. To change the figure position, use the "Position" property of figure.
To maximize the image use "set(hObject,'WindowState','maximized')" after "imshow".
Refer to the figure documentation for more information on figure properties.




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