Parallel Computing Toolbox - Limit of number of workers - R2021a

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Athanasios Moschos
Athanasios Moschos on 14 Oct 2021
Commented: Raymond Norris on 15 Oct 2021
I am using Matlab R2021a along with the Parallel Computing Toolbox.
I would like to know how many cores can PCT support? For example, can it support a machine with 128 physical cores (quad processor motherboard)?
I was searching the Parallel Computing User Guide, but there wasn't any hard limit on the cores, only a note in the "Pool Size and Cluster Selection" section (p. 2-58), saying:
"A local cluster running on the client machine requires nolicensing beyond the one for Parallel Computing Toolbox. The limit on the number of workers is high enough to support the range of known desktop hardware".
So what exaclty is that limit?
Thank you in advance for your supoprt and time.
Kind regards,

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 14 Oct 2021
Based on what your stating, I'm gather it's a single motherboard, with 32 sockets, each socket with 4 physical cores. Is that right? If not, give a bit more detail about your hardware.
  • Single or multi-motherboard?
  • sockets per motherboard
  • cores per socket
  • Hyperthreading enabled/disabled
And, are you running Windows or Linux?
Lastly, what does this return
Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 15 Oct 2021
PCT will support 128 cores on a Linux machine, bound to a single motherboard.
As an example, I've started a 48-core, bare metal machine on AWS. Notice I'm able to start a local pool of 48 workers.
I'll see if I can jump on a 128 core machine later and show you it running as well.

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