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I really need help about LSTM.

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Nazila Pourhajy
Nazila Pourhajy on 15 Oct 2021
Hi everyone.
I have a data set of 500*8 and I have 8 features for price prediction. I used LSTM to predict the price per hour of the day (a total of 24 prices for 24 hours a day). But I do not know how much output size should be for first fullyConnectedLayer after lstmLayer. please guide me. Thankful.
This is my code:
numResponses = size(YTrain{1},1);
featureDimension = size(XTrain{1},1);
numHiddenUnits = 15;
layers = [ ...
fullyConnectedLayer(?????) %%50
dropoutLayer(0.5) %%0.5

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