How to create a vector inside a loop with data from a struct ?

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Hello! I'm having some troube making a vector inside a loop with data from a struct. The struc is called :
ECG (1x1 struct with 2 fields)
From these fields, I want to acess a specific one, that is
ECG.event (1×45 struct array with fields:
In the column 'type' I have the triggers from the type char, for exalmple 'S A' , 'S B' , 'S C' , 'S D'. And in the column 'latency' I have the timings they ocured (numeric values). From these fields I want to access data that is in the column 'latency' and 'type'.
I want to know what is the the time difference between 1) a stimulus 'S B' when it is preceeded by a stimulus 'S A', and also the time difference between 2) a stimulus 'S C' when it is preceeded by a stimulus 'S A'.
I need to obtain two vectors, one for each case 1) and 2).
Do you know how I can do it?
Thank you so much in advance! You can find the struc .mat file attached.
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dpb on 16 Oct 2021
Please attach a .mat file with a sample of the struct
Without something to work on it's going to be more difficult to try to recreate a matching structure to test...

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 16 Oct 2021
Edited: Stephen23 on 17 Oct 2021
T = {ECG.event.type}; % comma-separated list
L = [ECG.event.latency]; % ditto
xAB = strcmp(T(1:end-1),'A') & strcmp(T(2:end),'B');
xAC = strcmp(T(1:end-1),'A') & strcmp(T(2:end),'C');
d = diff(L);
dAB = d(xAB)
dAC = d(xAC)
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones on 17 Oct 2021
I didnt tell you because it wasnt needed to separate.

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