How can I plot average loop graph as given in the image

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Manav Divekar
Manav Divekar on 23 Oct 2021
Commented: Manav Divekar on 23 Oct 2021
clear all
close all
C = readtable('A_G1.txt', 'NumHeaderLines',8);
%Convert to SI Units
accG2test = C{:,1}.*9.81;
forceG2test = C{:,2}.*0.00981;
dispG2test = C{:,3}./1000;
dispG2test2 = smoothdata(dispG2test, 'sgolay', 100);
forceG2test2 = smoothdata(forceG2test, 'sgolay', 100);
z = linspace(min(dispG2test2),max(dispG2test2),length(dispG2test2));
[cmin,cxix] = (min(dispG2test2));
[cmax,cnix] = (max(dispG2test2));
[fmin,fxix] = (min(forceG2test2));
[fmax,fnix] = (max(forceG2test2));
%meana = mean(dispG2test2,3);
%meanb = mean(forceG2test2,2);
%xx = spline(meana,meanb);
plot(dispG2test2, forceG2test2)
hold on
plot([cmin cmax], [fmin fmax], '+r', 'MarkerSize', 5, 'LineWidth',1.5)
%plot (xx,'or')
hold off
legend('Force v. Deflection');
title('Force vs Deflection');

Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Oct 2021
I'd start by looking at splitapply(), grpstats(), or groupsummary() to get the average of each unique pair of (x,y) coordinates.
Manav Divekar
Manav Divekar on 23 Oct 2021
yes i tried using the mean as I have commented in the code. But it didn't work so i was trying but i am not able to do it. So was asking for your help.

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