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How can we authorize the clients when we use network concurrent license manager

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When we use a Network concurrent license, can we restrict/limit who can access the mathworks products? Suppose , I have a team of 10 members, can I restrict the use where in particular 2 users can not have access to the product ? How will the users actually access the matlab, is there going to be a login access page that will do a validation as in who is accessing the matlab product ?

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Jaswanth on 16 Feb 2024
You can control and restrict the access to any user through Network Concurrent license for MathWorks products such as MATLAB. This is typically managed through a license server that uses the Network License Manager software provided by MathWorks.
To limit/restrict the access to MathWorks products using concurrent license environment, you can use ‘Options File’ which allows the license administrator(s) to manage licenses for product users. An ‘Options file’ can help you with the following:
  • Specify certain users or groups of users for certain products.
  • Keep unwanted users from using your licenses.
  • Reserve licenses for certain users.
Kindly go through the following thread answered by MathWorks support team to know more about ‘Options file’ and how to define ‘Options file’ on the license server:
Please refer to the following MATLAB Answers to know on how to limit number of licenses a user can access:
  1. To reserve or limit keys for IP addresses or a specific subnet using the INTERNET option:
  2. Using asset_info tags in an options file:
To answer your question regarding the validation of who is using the MathWorks product, users on the network do not generally log in through a web page to access MATLAB. Instead, they install MATLAB on their local machine and configure it to check out a license from the network license server. When they start MATLAB, it automatically requests a license from the server. If an available license is found and the user is not excluded in the options file, MATLAB will start. If no licenses are available or the user is excluded, MATLAB will not start, and the user will receive a message stating that a license could not be checked out.
Please refer to following MathWorks documentation on ‘Administer Network Licenses’ for more information on how to configure licenses and managing licenses for multiple user:
I hope the information provided above is helpful in resolving the issue.


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