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How to navigate between uitable cells with tab in R2021b?

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I built an app in R2019a that includes a uitable and was able to navigate between cells by pressing the "tab" key. I'm now running the app in R2021b and "tab" navigates through UI elements instead of uitable cells. This is not a huge deal, because the arrow keys can be used to navigate instead. But I'm wondering if this was an intentional change.

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Anjaneyulu Bairi
Anjaneyulu Bairi on 15 Feb 2024
The ability to navigate through table cells using the "Tab" key has been disabled in R2021b. However, you can still navigate the cells using the arrow keys. It's worth noting that in releases prior to R2020a, the navigation functionality was primarily facilitated by the "Tab" button, and arrow keys were not used for this purpose.
I hope this helps to resolve your query.


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