Pythagorean triples - wrong output in loop

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Hello, I have this piece of code, it computes pythagorean triples, then adds them in a matrix, but in output for some reason it adds lines with zeros. How do I change the code to run properly?
And 1 more thing how to make it print sorted by a+b+c column, not by a like now?
UPD. I have solved 1 part of the question with "R = reshape(nonzeros(R), I, 4);
function [R, I] = pyth_tri(N)
I = 0;
for a = 3:N/3
for b = a:N/3
for c = b:N
if (a^2 + b^2) == c^2 && a ~= 0 && b ~= 0 && c ~= 0
R(a, :) = [a+b+c, a, b, c]
I = I + 1;

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 3 Nov 2021
You need
R(I+1, :) = [a+b+c, a, b, c];
rather than
R(a, :) = [a+b+c, a, b, c];
For sorting, after your run your algorithm, run
R = sortrows(R,1)

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