Looking for a way to partition an alphaShape object between its respective alphaShape sub-regions.

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I have an alphaShape object (shp) made of 11 distinct sub-regions (N=11).
I want to partition my alphaShape between it's 11 respective sub-regions.
I want to plot each region in a different color and compute its respective area.
x and y are the coordinates of shp.
For n=1, I compute the x-y coordinates of the sub-region (x1 & y1) , make a new alphaShape (shp1) and compute its area (area1).
I redo these steps for n=2,3,...,N.
The file data.mat attached contains the variables shp, x and y.
Here what it looks like for n=1:
N = numRegions(shp); %# of regions in shp
%For n=1
tf1 = inShape(shp,x,y,1); %true (1) for points in region n=1
index1 = find(tf1==1); %corresponding index for region n=1
x1 = x(index1); %corresponding x-coord for region n=1
y1 = y(index1); %crresponding y-coord for region n=1
shp1 = alphaShape(x1,y1,1); %create new alphaShape object for region n=1 with alpha radius 1
area1 = area(shp1); %area for alphaShape object for region n=1
%Redo the steps for n=2,3,...,N
It works but I feel like I am doing a lot of unnecassary steps.
I am looking for a clever way to use the sub-regions of an alphShape object as distinct alphaShape objects on their own.

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