For trackingPF in Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolkit, how to use custom measurement functions returned as a function handle?

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My goal is to specify a custom measurement function in the tracking particle filter (trackingPF) from the Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolkit. I can do it by direct reference to a custom function, but I'm getting an error when trying to do the same with a function handle returned from another function.
Here is the direct approach that works.
priorState = zeros(4,1); % position_x, velocity_x, position_y, velocity_y
% Specify a particle filter with a customMeasurementFcn specified directly.
pf_direct = trackingPF(@constvel, @customMeasurementFcn, priorState)
prediction = predict(pf_direct)
posterior = correct(pf_direct, 45)
Fine so far. Now attempt the same with a function handle returned from another function.
customMeasurementFcn_returnedHandle = generateMeasurementFunction
pf_handle = trackingPF(@constvel, @customMeasurementFcn_returnedHandle, priorState)
prediction = predict(pf_handle)
posterior = correct(pf_handle, 45)
The correct() call fails with...
% Error using nargin
% Function customMeasurementFcn_returnedHandle does not exist.
% Error in trackingPF/validateMeasurementFcn (line 1114)
% narginActual = nargin(PF.MeasurementFcn);
% Error in trackingPF/validateMeasurementRelatedProperties (line 726)
% validateMeasurementFcn(PF,z,n,funcName,varargin{:});
% Error in trackingPF/correct (line 309)
% validateMeasurementRelatedProperties(PF,z,'correct',varargin{:});
In contradiction with the error, the measurement function handle in the filter looks right...
% ans =
% @customMeasurementFcn_returnedHandle
And I can use the handle on its own...
% ans = 1×10
% 1.8973 -135.1443 62.1872 118.7292 -127.2712 164.5253 -56.4507 131.4280 40.8487 -52.8114
But the same call using the handle stored within the particle filter object fails.
% Unrecognized function or variable 'customMeasurementFcn_returnedHandle'.
Here are the function definitions.
function predictedParticles = customMeasurementFcn(particles, varargin)
fullMeasurement = cvmeas(particles, 'spherical'); % azimuth, elevation, range, range rate
predictedParticles = fullMeasurement(1,:) + randn(1, size(particles,2)); % azimuth plus noise
function generatedMeasurementFunction = generateMeasurementFunction()
% Other function customization will happen here.
generatedMeasurementFunction = @customMeasurementFcn;
Could you please show me how to use a function handle returned from generateMeasurementFunction() as the MeasurementFcn in the trackingPF?

Accepted Answer

Prashant Arora
Prashant Arora on 12 Nov 2021
Hi Mark,
It seems like customMeasurementFcn_returnedHandle is already a function handle.
"@customMeasurementFcn_returnedHandle" declares a handle to function named customMeasurementFcn_returnedHandle. As this function doesn't exist, you get an error. You should use the variable customMeasurementFcn_returnedHandle itself as it is already the handle to your desired function.
You should define your trackingPF as (No @ in customMeasurmentFcn_returnedHandle)
pf_handle = trackingPF(@constvel, customMeasurementFcn_returnedHandle, priorState)
Hope this helps.

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