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Matlab 2013b does not have websave function?

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I am using Matlab 2013b, I want to get all the data from url and save it into files. Then I checked websave is the right function. But when I use it or try to check help it says: "not defined function websave" it because I a, usign 2013b verison? How can I solve this? Thanks a lot.

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Martijn on 15 Oct 2014
WEBSAVE was introduced in MATLAB R2014b. Please have a look at the URLWRITE function for MATLAB R2013b.
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buer on 21 Oct 2014
Edited: buer on 21 Oct 2014
thanks Martijn, but when I use this function it always says not enough parameters. But the help says : urlwrite(URL,filename) .
SO what I do is urlwrite('url','list.h5'); is not it correct? Anything I got wrong? Thanks.

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