Good day, How can I create a push button that creates a new variable every time the user presses the button in App designer?

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The application is based on a floor plan simulator where the user would input the dimensions of rooms into a numberic edit fields. The push button is used as a "draw button" to draw a rectangle on a UI axis. I would like to implemement the same "draw" button for when the user presses the button it stores the inputed values/dimensions into a new varaible(eg room1,room2,etc). The file atteched is my UI design.

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Srijith Kasaragod
Srijith Kasaragod on 22 Nov 2021
Edited: Srijith Kasaragod on 22 Nov 2021
Hi Kyle,
Creating dynamic variables could lead to your code being inefficient and affect its readability. A better practice would be to use arrays or strucutres in declaring your variables. Please refer 'this' answer to read more on why creating dynamic variables is not a recommended approach.
Incase you wish to proceed with dynamic variables, 'eval' function can be used to create them. Please refer 'this' answer to know more on its usage.

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