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Adding split data point (shape) in one map

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Rachele Franceschini
Rachele Franceschini on 18 Nov 2021
Answered: arushi on 2 May 2024
Hi Can you help me?,
I would like to merge differents data with coordinates within one map.
I mean, I have two split data (shapefile). These data are points. These points I would like in one map using the function shaperead (I think)
I would like to rappresent this data in one map, the way similar it is to use ArcGIS, but I need to use MATLAB.

Answers (1)

arushi on 2 May 2024
Hi Rachele,
I understand that you want to merge and display point data from two different shapefiles on a single map in MATLAB. You can use the "shaperead" function to read the shapefiles and geoshow or mapshow functions to plot them, depending on your coordinate reference system.
First, you'll need to read your shapefiles using the "shaperead" function. Next, prepare a figure where you will display the map. This step involves initializing a figure window.Use "hold on" and "hold off" to add new data to a set of existing Axes.You can then plot the data in the same figure.
hold on; % This allows multiple plots in the same figure.
Please refer to the Mathworks documentation for more information on hold on :
Hope this helps.




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