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Build error for ARM compute for android

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I am trying to run the example code
I am getting the following error
But, I have already set the right path for ARM compute library. All my verifications are successful
What could be the reason for this?

Accepted Answer

Sutanu Maiti
Sutanu Maiti on 20 Nov 2021
Can you please have a look at the model's config set whether the ARM compute library version is set to 20.02.1?
To check that please follow below steps:
1. In the Configuration Parameters dialog box, select Code Generation from the left pane and from the Target selection section, set Language to C++ .
2. Select Code Generation > Interface and in the Deep learning section, set these parameters:
a. Set Target library to ARM Compute .
b. Select ARM Compute Library version based on the installation you chose in the Hardware Setup screen. This example uses the library version 19.05 .
c. Set ARM Compute Library architecture to armv7 .
3. Click Apply > OK.
Please build again if it was not set correctly and if fails again after setting correctly please contact technical support.

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