Motor parameter estimation with BOOSTXL-3PHGANINV

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I would like to obtain the parameters of the motor Teknic 2310-P with the BOOSTXL-3PHGANINV and F28379D LaunchPad.
In the file 'mcb_param_qep_offset_f2839D.slx' file, the required inverter are BOOSTXL-3PHGANINV or BOOST-XL-DRV8305. However, at the file 'mcb_param_est_f2839D_DRV8305.slx', only appears the BOOST-XL-DRV8305.
Could be possible to run this file ( 'mcb_param_est_f2839D_DRV8305.slx') without any changes and use BOOSTXL-3PHGANINV?

Accepted Answer

Keyur Mistry
Keyur Mistry on 5 Jan 2022
The file 'mcb_param_est_f2839D_DRV8305.slx' does not support the BOOSTXL-3PHGANINV. Model file is required to be modified to make it work with the BOOSTXL-3PHGANINV.
To understand what modification is required, the difference in architectural design of BOOST-XL-DRV8305 and BOOSTXL-3PHGANINV need to be considered.

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